30th of June, 2015


Behind every great woman is a great handbag, full of the secrets to her success. Taking a peak into the treasure trove can reveal wonders about the uniqueness of their owners. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak into our beautiful co-designer, Edwina's bag. Take a look below to see what makes her creative spirit tick.

Clockwise from bottom left -

Balenciaga bag- the perfect classic piece for carrying all the essentials around in style

Gold studs - making design decisions on the run means there's always intricate detailing lying around

Sodashi Face Mist - for keeping skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day

iPad - organisation is key in the fashion industry, the iPad is a life saver for keeping appointments, emails and reminders in one compact device

Notebook and pencil - for when creativity sparks throughout the day

iPhone - calls, texts, emails, camera, social media. Need we say more

Bulldog clips and tape measure - essential little tools for fittings and shoots

Vintage earrings - for quickly adding a dash of elegance to a daytime look, making the transition to evening dressing simple and chic

Aje Edie Lunettes - classic black sunglasses never disappoint. Essential for keeping stylish and sun smart

Bobbi Brown lipstick in Red Carpet- a great lipstick is an easy way to add a hint of colour to your look and keep you feeling fresh 

Headphones - having access to your favourite tunes livens up any day

Charger - for keeping all those digital essentials charged and ready to go 


June 30, 2015 by Aje .
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