16th of October, 2015


Embellishment is part of our DNA here at Aje. Featuring collection after collection, we find sequins forever captivating with their detailed texture and distinctive sparkle. They have this certain everlasting appeal that never fails to excite.

At Aje, each sequin and bead you see on our garments has been lovingly stitched by hand in traditional Indian villages, utilising the knowledge and techniques passed down through generations of families, dedicated to their craft. Each embellished motif has been individually designed in house by our designers, Edwina and Adrian, with much time and love put into every intricate detail. We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of our embellished beauties and continue to wear them for years to come! 




From top left to right | Backstage at our Shipwrecked Ball 2012 show // Detailed image of our Lamphora Top // Detailed image of our Flamingo Dress // Runway shot from our Shipwrecked Ball 2012 show // Aje Desert Nostalgia 2013 Campaign // Backstage at our Vihara 2015 show // Detailed image of our Abraham Darby Dress // Image via Joy Hysteric // Detailed image of our Sorian Skirt Gold // Detailed image of our Apis Mellifera Bustier // Detailed image of our Sorian Skirt Black 

October 16, 2015 by Aje .
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