New Arrivals

Discover the latest arrivals from our Resort 18/19 collection, 'Woman', a collaboration with Wendy Whiteley and Brett Whiteley Studio. For Aje's ten-year anniversary, Creative Directors, co-founders Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris, drew inspiration from five works carefully chosen from different series, and from the formidable force of his muse, Wendy Whiteley.

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Downing Blazer Outfit View Downing Blazer Product View

Downing Blazer

$ 575.00

Somerset Gown Outfit View Somerset Gown Product View

Somerset Gown

$ 895.00

Burnett Cami Outfit View Burnett Cami Product View

Burnett Cami

$ 255.00

Shirland Blouse Outfit View Shirland Blouse Product View

Shirland Blouse

$ 375.00

Chiltern Trouser Outfit View Chiltern Trouser Product View

Chiltern Trouser

$ 355.00

Whiteley Print Tee Outfit View Whiteley Print Tee Product View

Whiteley Print Tee

$ 145.00

Miller Dress Outfit View Miller Dress Product View

Miller Dress

$ 595.00

Salisbury Pant Outfit View Salisbury Pant Product View

Salisbury Pant

$ 275.00

Lennox Dress Outfit View Lennox Dress Product View

Lennox Dress

$ 495.00

Dawson Blouse Outfit View Dawson Blouse Product View

Dawson Blouse

$ 355.00

Wyatt Cami Outfit View Wyatt Cami Product View

Wyatt Cami

$ 255.00

Lennox Dress Outfit View Lennox Dress Product View

Lennox Dress

$ 495.00

Harriot Mini Skirt Outfit View Harriot Mini Skirt Product View

Harriot Mini Skirt

$ 345.00

Pellina Dress Outfit View Pellina Dress Product View

Pellina Dress

$ 995.00

Leila Cami Outfit View Leila Cami Product View

Leila Cami

$ 195.00

Othilia Top Outfit View Othilia Top Product View

Othilia Top

$ 225.00

Wolseley Skirt Outfit View Wolseley Skirt Product View

Wolseley Skirt

$ 295.00

Elbury Top Outfit View Elbury Top Product View

Elbury Top

$ 175.00